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comp cams

  1. Performance Modifications
    Goodmorning, I am thinking of having some top end work done to my 6.4. I am thinking of upgrading. The cam, springs, lifters, rods, and possible some head work, along with adding long tube headers. I am currently running a ken belle 2.8 on a stock motor. I don’t plan on racing the...
  2. Performance Modifications
    So I'm looking to do a cam install on my scat pack this winter and undecided on what to go with. Was initially set on going with the 274 comp cam package from HHP. Then while researching that I saw Comp Cams new HRT line which I'm curious about as I haven't seen any vids or dyno numbers(other...
  3. Performance Modifications
    Hello. I thought I would sit down and write up everything that I can think of that I have done to my r/t. I was wanting to get some suggestions on what to do next. The obvious answers are probably supercharger. I wish I had the money for that right now but I don't. Any other ideas? Here is what...