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  1. '10 Seats going in '13 Challenger?

    Interior Discussion / Modifications
    I know the rails are different, as well as the harnesses. Is there an existing conversion kit on either of these incompatible parts, or am i stuck with welding and splicing to get them to work?
  2. Challenger 2015 SXT conversion and ideas

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I recently bought a crashed Challenger on Copart and this is it. I had some questions about pieces from 2014 and older cars fitting the 2015+. Do fenders and hood from a 2014 would fit this 2015? Also, any recommendations on choosing the new pieces? I was looking into using 2014 fenders...
  3. Convertible Conversion

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I am interested in converting my 2009 challenger into a covertible. I know that places like Drop Top Customs and Newport Convertible offer services like this, but I am only interested in the parts/kits they use to do this. I have the resources/ability to do the work myself, I just need to know...