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  1. (Another) 2015 Challenger leaky radiator (with pics)

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    And another one..... My car was an early build (April) 2015 model. Yesterday I noticed little red drops on my garage floor. Today I pulled the bottom splash shield and the plastic fairing piece (starts before the splash shield) to get a closer look. Despite me hoping that it was a hose, the...
  2. 2010 3.5L Coolant Flush

    How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    The 60-month point has arrived for changing the coolant. I am concerned that simply draining the radiator leaves about half of the old coolant still in the engine block and heater core. I cannot find the drain plugs on the engine block. Can any of the good folks here offer help as to where the...
  3. 2010 SRT8 Losing Coolant

    6.1L (2008 - 2010)
    Over the summer when I had her in for repair after hitting a deer, my mechanic told me to keep an eye on my coolant level, and if I should ever notice gradually losing or "using" coolant, to unload the car immediately. He said there is a known problem with these engines, which not every car...
  4. Waterless high boiling point coolant.

    Performance Modifications
    So I came across this stuff watching one of Jay lenos Garage episodes. Sounds like good stuff. We all know how hot our Hemis run, I wonder if this may help keep things a bit cooler. I wouldn't mind not having to worry about flushing the coolant out every two years as they claim this is suppost...