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  1. 2011 Dash Rattle - SOLVED

    How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    I got my 2011 new. On the way home, I blasted the stereo and didn't notice any rattles, but the next day, I heard rattles that would remain for years. I'm a do-it-yourself person, and I figured that I could find the rattle and fix it myself. I really didn't like the idea of the dealer poking...
  2. My Nexus 7 In-Dash Install

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Finally gave up the factory head unit after 4 years. Got a Nexus 7 2013 LTE to put in. Friend has a local car audio shop, so he does fiberglass work (very good work). Now I can listen to Spotify or Google Play Music as well as use Google Maps anywhere without having to worry about my phone being...
  3. Loud clicking behind dash...

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    2010 R/T 6-Speed with 37k-miles, daily driver, original owner These last few days, I will go and open the door/trunk and a loud clicking (almost ratchet like) sound has been coming from the area behind the instrument cluster. It last for about 5 seconds and stops until I open another door or...
  4. Cleaning the dash

    Detailing / Car Care
    Hi I have a 2014, challenger I've noticed the dash and plastics on inside for no reason discolor and/or scratch easily. What's best to clean or treat this with Thanks AJ
  5. FOR SALE: NEW Billet Tech Interior Parts

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I have several new Billet Tech interior parts for sale. The packages were only opened for inspection and the parts never installed: Shift Ball - Black (no engraving) with polished shaft - MSRP $84.95 - $75 - NOTE: the set screw is in the front and is not visible when driving Dash Plaque -...
  6. Smoke came out of dash under the radio.

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi. I have a 2010 Challenger SE ralleye. Last Sunday while driving smoke came out of the dash while I was driving. The laundromat that I pulled into called the fire department. By the time they got there (5min) the smoke had stopped. They saw heat on the infra red camera, but no flame. The...
  7. Free Shipping on Custom Fit Dash Covers from

    Vendor Deals
    For a limited time, get free shipping (in the Continental USA) on custom dash covers from! Our premium quality, custom made dash covers come in 35 different color and material combinations. These are not cheap auto parts store covers, they are the best available. To...