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  1. Detailing / Car Care
    Short intro, my original plan was to document every step, but when I get into the zone it’s hard to stop and document so I’ll just outline what I did and used to do the detail and of course before and after photos 😄 Bucket with soap, I used just standard car wash (3D Super Soap) and all of my...
  2. Detailing / Car Care
    How do you guys with Pitch Black Paint take care of your paint? Time for me to go out and buy some wash and waxing products for the new Pitch Black Paint. I also want to keep my leather interior (Ruby Red), & my hyperblack wheels/tires clean and shiny. 1) Any specific products I should use to...
  3. Detailing / Car Care
    Hey everyone, just bought a brand new 2013 black challenger, never had a car worth maintaining the paint on so I am going to be detailing, polishing, waxing this thing myself the first time in my life... The car is ALWAYS outside in California weather, frequently cold to where the car has ice on...
1-3 of 4 Results