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  1. Detailing / Car Care
    BEFORE YOU START YES I KNOW there's a lots of threads, posts, videos, and sites on this,BUT they don't cover what I want, I looked everywhere! After collecting Hopefully a mass amount of info, I want to make a ONE STOP for NOOBS like myself, to truly start from. *will give credit of course to...
  2. General Challenger Discussion
    Just bought a jazz blue SRT a with a 6-speed. What advice can you offer for things I should do ASAP? I haven't owned a new car since my 89 Dodge Spirit ES turbo! I decided to add LoJack and the wheel/tire warranty, but nothing else warranty wise. I won't put 10k/year on it. I decided to...
  3. Detailing / Car Care
    Hey everyone, just bought a brand new 2013 black challenger, never had a car worth maintaining the paint on so I am going to be detailing, polishing, waxing this thing myself the first time in my life... The car is ALWAYS outside in California weather, frequently cold to where the car has ice on...