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  1. Dear DodgeCares: Ongoing Radio issue that makes car unsafe and unusable.

    General Challenger Discussion
    I've been waiting almost a month for a new radio unit to be delivered to my local dealer; it was supposed to be delivered on 8/3, but as of today they don't even have a tracking number. The radio started rebooting around July 5th; I started finding my car dead in the garage around July 6th; I...
  2. Is this Normal? Door seal scratching door jam?

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hey everyone! I’ve noticed on the drivers side door that the door seal has rubbed against the door jam so hard it rubbed the clear coat off and left this fine scratches in the red circle? I’m hoping this is normal since I would imagine the door needs to get a tight seal, but I didn’t find...
  3. Engine Light & Customer Services???

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Does Dodge care about their brand and customer service? I bought a 2014 Challenger RT in January of 2015. And, as much as I loved the car, it has become a challenge in itself. I will forgo the details of the dealership that I agreed to a price with, then they changed it on me when I flew into...
  4. Does anyone know someone with experience and KNOWLEDGE about the ZF 8 speeds?

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Mine is still slipping when shifting, causing the car to lurch and slam into gear sometimes. I've had it at the local dealership twice now, and it is scheduled again next Tuesday, but the dealership keeps telling me nothing is wrong because there are no codes. That is the stupidest thing I've...