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  1. Track Talk
    Alright y’all I had my widebody scatpack out for the first time since I got it… Stock tires And about 50° out All I can say is those 305’s couldn’t grip I used to run a 13.58 in my 5.7 hemi but the best I got was a 13.11 not going to lie I expected better but does this sound right? Any advice...
  2. Track Talk
    So, as some of you know, Spokane County sold the raceway in Airway Heights, WA to the Kalispell Tribe. I cannot find any updates. Does anyone know if there will be drag racing this year under the ownership of the tribe?
  3. Track Talk
    What's going on guys, Happy Monday. So I started drag racing earlier this year, and had some success, definitely had alotta progress. Went from a 8.4 1/8 to a 7.78 to end the year. I added a 87mm ported TB, put some Nitto NT0R's on the stock 20's, some Flowmaster Outlaws, Eibach Pro-Sport...
  4. Track Talk
    First off, Happy Sunday to everyone. I just recently bought some Nitto NT05r for my rear wheels, my stock 20' wheels with the 315's and the NT555 x 20's on 245's. I took them to the track and my best time was a 7.93 on the 1/8. Ehhh time; and the reason I said that is because before I was...
  5. Track Talk
    So I bought my Scat Pack back in August, and I've always been interested in drag racing. Any tips as far as tires, rims (I am riding 22'), engine upgrades, etc. I also have a front chin splitter, will that any effect being low to the ground? Here is a picture for reference.
  6. Just Bolt-On Performance Parts
    On our partner site, We currently have a handful of the following Forgestar D5 Drag Wheels in-stock and ready to ship out for MOPAR applications! Sign up for our newsletter or PM me for a coupon code! Buy Now Pay Later Contact Us Military Program --- 15x10 Beadlock - 10...
  7. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    SOLD. I have had this now for 4 years so I'm pretty sure I'll never use it. New in box, never taken out of the packaging. Stage 1 and 2. $400 shipped in the lower 48. Thanks, Don
  8. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    This is a killer setup for the strip. And super cheap! These are some monster 345s. They are ROH RT wheels with Toyo TQ drag tires. They fit my Hellcat perfectly and really helped me hook. I bought them on an incredible deal from group-a wheels in New York. I love them so much it was worth the...
  9. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Wheels 17x6/17x10 with or without tires Looking for lightweight wheels for 15 Challenger 5x115, Weld, Bogart or similar. 17x6 and 17x10 rears. Possibly consider 15x6 or 18x 6 fronts. Will see limited street use. If I can find wheels I will change out front brakes to accommodate
  10. Speedlogix
    This is something you have been asking about for a long time, and we finally have the answer! A true plug and play bolt in harness bar for your Challenger, which allows the installation of 5 point racing harnesses. The best part is it can be installed without any modification to the interior or...
  11. Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I'm looking for a Challenger roller or shell that has been gutted or is complete minus motor and trans. Looking to take a new gen and put a 440-426 in it possibly. Just think it would be a fun project and you don't see many around. If anyone has one or knows of one please reply back or send me a...
  12. South
    Is any one going to the big Citrus Nationals race out at PBIR this weekend? Looks like its gonnn be a pretty big event. Has anyone been out there b4?
1-12 of 12 Results