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  1. How to fix on dyno?

    Hi guys, my name is Andras, I am from Hungary.I have a 2017 SXT and I would like to ask some help.I wanted to do a chip tuning to get a litte more power.So I brought my car to a garage, which is one of the most popular chip tuning garage in Hungary.My car was the first Challenger what they see...
  2. Dyno results

    2015 to Current R/T & RT Plus Specific
    Well just got back from getting a custom dyno tune with a few minor bolt ons. Before I was 326WHP and 350WTQ in a 2015 5.7 Challenger automatic. Now after a JLT intake, 87mm ported TB, Borla cat back, JBA shorties, and the custom dyno tune itself I got..... 326 WHP and 350WTQ with a SLIGHTLY...
  3. Low end torque in an R/T?

    Performance Modifications
    I have been reading a lot of threads talking about the differences between R/Ts and SRTs and it almost always comes down to the torque curves. Now my question is is there anyway to get an R/T to produce the same amount of torque at similar RPMs as the SRT? What mods would be required? I was...
  4. Charlotte NC mechanic needed

    Guys I'm in Charlotte NC and just got my 13' srt8. And I'm loving it!! I am and always have been a mopar guy sense the General Lee was jumping dirt hills and loosing the man in Dukes of Hazard. So I know I live in one of the biggest racing cities in the nation, so this shouldn't be hard. I need...