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  1. Electrical Problems - Maybe? Help

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Im hoping someone has experienced something similar and might be able to provide some insight into an issue I am having. Quick background, I have a 2009 that I bought new a decade ago, I blew the engine a couple of years ago and life and everything has sort of gotten in the way, I finally...
  2. 2015 SRT - Massive issues 30+days in the shop

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello everyone. I know this is a Challenger forum, but I would like the opportunity to put my case out there for my 2015 Charger SRT that has been in the shop 30+ consecutive days and still is not fixed with major electrical issues.. Hopefully by bringing this as much attention as I can in...
  3. Need help finding an electrical short after driving through deep puddle.

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Community: I have a serious problem. There is a short in my car and I need help finding it. Background: Two weeks ago I drove through a deep puddle because my neighborhood was flooding and I had to evacuate. Since then I only drove my car back to the house from up the street and it has sat in...