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  1. General Challenger Discussion
    One of our next products is going to be modified engine covers, and we would like to hear your input! Our base is going to be the 2 piece covers found on the 6.4L. So far the only options we have seen are the stickers and 3D printed black ones. I have a couple questions below that relate to a...
  2. Challenger_0045


    6.1 engine bay with Billet mods and MOPAR CAI.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello all Challenger people. I’m Jeremy from Indianapolis. I’m excited to find out all the secrets you have learned about modification/upgrades. I’ve spent the last week searching the internet for ideas and reading the forums and I’ve learned a lot. I haven’t slept much, haven’t worked, so I...
  4. Ohio Speed
    Ohio-Speed has a great way to Dress up your Challenger with our 8pc. Chrome - Shock Tower Cap Set. These trim pieces are designed to fit over the stock shock tower and add a clean stylish look to your Challenger exterior. Fits all 2008-2013 Challengers PM for our low price with free s/h...
  5. Ohio Speed
    Ohio-Speed now carries several catch can by the leading mfg's in the industry. Reduce the oil build up in your inlet manifold by fitting a catch can. Not only do they perform very well in reducing inlet oil build up, they also looks trick in your engine compartment. Elite Moroso PM for our...