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engine light

  1. Engine light

    General Maintenance Discussion
    Engine light came on after my gas cap light was on. I was able to get the gas cap light off by securing the cap back on. But next day the engine light came on? Also I put some octane boost and fuel injection cleaner into the gas tank prior to the gas cap coming on. Anybody think this could be...
  2. No turn lights or windshield.

    Forum Threads
    Hello, i just recently got my challenger back from a shop and now my turn signal indicator is not working. I can't use windshield wipers, turn signals, high beams or washer (Warning Hazards work fine as do break lights and regular lights). Not only that but my traction control light is on along...
  3. Engine light on...P0562 code popped up.

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    MIL light came on after I jump started my car for the third time and still is on after I've replaced the battery (I was due for one), will it come off soon? I googled the code and this came out: - Low battery charge - Battery defective - Loose or missing alternator drive belt - Faulty...
  4. ABS/Traction C./Engine lights came on and stalled

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Hi guys! Yesterday was driving from work and the ABS and traction control lights came on followed later with engine light too. a minute later the engine stalled and had to pulled over. looked to see if I slapped into neutral by mistake or car shut off, none of that happen. I parked it and shut...