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  1. Rear quarter panel rust

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi all, new member here. I'm going to be in the market for a new car soon and my heart is set on a Challenger SRT 392. I'll likely end up getting a new 2019 model but I'm curious if the infamous rear fender panel rust issue involving the foam injection has been fixed yet. I've searched all over...
  2. Interior so easily scratched

    General Challenger Discussion
    Jeez, it's so easy to scratch the interior of the Challenger. Had a girl in the car and she grabbed her bag off the floor and it barely grazed the glove box on her way out and now I probably have a three or four inch light scratch on the glove box. Anything I can do to lessen the appearance of...
  3. How to fix 2010 Challenger Mechanical Lumbar Support

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    The 2010 R/T (that I have) has hard plastic backs to the seats and a mechanically operated lever arm to adjust the lumbar support. My driver-side lumbar support (operated by mechanical lever) was broken. The fix was quick and simple but I was unable to find any beta online so I figured I'd...