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front bumper

  1. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello, so I bought the 2019 challenger from an auction and the front end had been hit. I had a body shop paint the front end and put the parts together, but as you can see the front bumper needs to be a little lifted to match with the hood. He said there might’ve been a part missing but I’m not...
  2. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hello everyone, I’m having issues figuring out what part is behind the front bumper, I want to say it’a the grille reinforcement and the front bumper reinforcement. Unfortunately I did rear end someone and instead of going through insurance I rather do the repairs myself but I’m not confident...
  3. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi, I’m almost done rebuilding my car and this is what happend when I put the front bumper on... why is there a big gap? Hood never has been touched. The gap is pretty noticeable and big but the picture makes it hide a bit. Am I missing something or what?