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  1. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hi all. i need front left fender with shield and front bumper with upper and lower radiator grilles on Challenger 2013 R/T restyling , m.b some one sell it to me ? Also looking for left headlight and left antifog sublight. Im from Russia and i cant buy that stuff just like that in Russia. I...
  2. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I have been doing some research and I've found that many people have put 315/35r20's in the rear. With nitto's, on 20x10.5 rims and 25mm offset. I am wanting to do this, but I want to minimize understeer. I am wanting to run 275/40r20's in the front with 20x9 rims with 20mm offset. Has anyone...
  3. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I did some research and decided to paint the grill of my 2014 challenger rather than spend +100.00 and risk breaking something trying to remove and install a new one. I got a good quality matte black spray paint and painters tape and did this my self in less than an hour for only $15.00...
  4. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I'm wanting to swap my front "CHALLENGER" grille emblem with a custom made emblem that can be made in the dodge font. I would like to have "INTERCEPTOR" or "SLEDGEHAMMER". Anyone know a company that can make these custom emblems? Thanks!
  5. 2014 R/T - run over

    2014 R/T - run over

    My 10yr old daughter took this one - I like it for the "about to be run over" look/
  6. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    This is my nearly brand new '13 R/T. Ive only got 14K miles on it and this past weekend hit some ice and then met a guard rail. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of cost I'm looking at? I have USAA insurance.
  7. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Came off of my SE with 25k miles. Front and rear. Asking $100 obo buyer pays shipping. If you have something you're interested in trade I'm open for offers. PM me or email me if interested [email protected]
  8. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    really wanting to purchase a srt front chin spoiler, if anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know. thank you for your time.
  9. My first pictures of my 2011 SRT8

    My first pictures of my 2011 SRT8