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  1. 2015 to Current SXT & SXT Plus
    30 mpg. 921 miles of ski trip. Summary: I am extremely pleased with the level of performance and fun. The car was roomy, comfortable, quick, handled great. Conditions: passenger, luggage, skis. All comfortably inside. Good driving weather. Driving: 70-ish on freeways, passing slow...
  2. General Challenger Discussion
    I am still waiting for mine and its not that MPG will change my mind, but I am curious how many MPG are the new Hellcat owners getting. I am pretty sure it will be low once I get mine. I am not sure I will be able to resist to accelerate that sweet ride.
  3. General Challenger Discussion
    My 2012 rt plus challenger usually gives me 330 miles to the gallon but as of recently it's only been giving me 198, my oil change isn't due for another 200 miles I only have 37400 miles on the OD and was wondering why. I've heard that it's because it's unusually cold in Nashville and so the gas...
  4. General Challenger Discussion
    I now have 5,400 miles on my srt8 and this trip to southern colorado from northern colorado went beautifully. Boy this car drives nicely! Now, stunningly, my dash computer said I got 26.5 mpg going down w/ a/c on 3/4's of the way driving 70-90mph, but coming back it showed 29mpg under same...
1-4 of 4 Results