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  1. General Challenger Discussion
    I am having a ProCharger Supercharger installed this weekend. Normally I have been giving my car (2016 R/T Shaker) 89 octane. Procharger reccomends using 91 as that is what the Supercharger is tuned for out of factory. 91 is hard to find near me so: Is it a bad idea to mix different gas...
  2. Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Can a 5.7L R/T take 93 octane gas?
  3. Challenger Issues & Problems
    I have a base model Dodge charger sxt and before i would get 350+ range and now i only get 5-10 mpg (It constantly fluctuates) and about 180 range
  4. General Challenger Discussion
    Hello my fellow people I recently purchase a 2020 Dodge Challenger sxt. Was wondering if putting in 89 vs 87 gas would be better or not really!?!? Also chevron or shell anyone?
  5. Challenger Issues & Problems
    So last week I found myself with a leaking gas tank due to an O-ring on the passenger side transfer pump. So last friday I pulled the seat, and passenger side sender/transfer pump, new O-ring, and filled it leak! great driving it for the week, until I was on the way to work this...
  6. Challenger Issues & Problems
    I went into my garage tonight and found gas on the floor. I found another thread here where it was a cracked fuel pump. Does anybody have any stories where this is nothing and I don't have to worry about it? btw, The dirtiness of my car is cringe worthy, I know. The recent hurricane has made it...
  7. 6.4L / 392ci (2011 - ?)
    Just curious about what kind of mileage other SRT392 owners are getting. There is an older thread on this but it's 2 years old and no replies are allowed. Mine has actually been better than expected. I really expected it to be about 15mpg but the last two tanks of gas, I've been hovering...
  8. General Challenger Discussion
    Hi folks, I am used to running 91 octane in my cars so it's no big deal my Challenger R/T requires it. However, I was looking through the manual and noticed that automatic transmissions could use 89 octane but manual transmissions had to use 91 or higher. What is the difference in transmissions...
  9. General Challenger Discussion
    ive read a couple posts about this but still havent answered clearly my question. On the vehicle manual it says ( for manual transmissions ) that 91 octane is recommended. But i live in North Carolina where the gas options at gas stations are 87, 89, 93. So which should i use? the 89 or the 93...
1-9 of 9 Results