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  1. Please Help ID this "grinding" sound

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    My 2011 SE (73k miles) makes a low pitched grinding sound when I turn left at slow speeds... usually, but not always when I'm braking. I have never heard the sound at speeds above 15mph... and it seems to happen only when I'm making a relatively sharp turn... sharper than around 45 - 50 degrees...
  2. 12' Challenger Transmission Noise

    General Challenger Discussion
    Ok so I hope im posting this in the right place. If not I hope the mods can move it to its correct place. Thanks To start this is my first post on this forum. I created this account not only because I recently purchased a 2012 Challenger RT, but because I have a story I want to share that I...
  3. Sticky shifter SRT 6 speed. Normal or problem?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hi Everyone! Im new to the forum, and new to having a challenger (just over 1 month). Ill post a new member threat in the appropriate place later tonight but first i needed to get my issue off my back. I have a 2013 challenger SRT 392 core with a 6 speed manual triple black (if anyone likes the...
  4. Faint grinding clue.

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Turned on my car this morning and immediately heard a faint grinding noise. Hit reverse and drove forward without putting my foot on the accelerator and kept hearing the ominous grinding noise bouncing off the parked cars and heard it fading away as I was driving over a bridge again with the...