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hellcat airbox mod

  1. Air intake temps at idle

    General Challenger Discussion
    Has anyone had their challenger sit and idle for 5 minutes and taken note of what their air intake temp went to? I've had my 2019 SCAT for 4 months and never actually let it sit and idle. Until today. I got to work early so i sat in my car with it running for 5 minutes and noticed my air intake...
  2. FOR SALE: SOLD: Hellcat Lower box, Tube and Filter $100 +shipping

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Fits 2015+ Challenger Up for sale is a DODGE CHALLENGER HELLCAT REPLACEMENT/ CONVERSION AIR INTAKE OEM MOPAR Part # 68175164AC 68172459AA 68207918AB The set was on the car for about 1,000 miles; Available for Pickup from SF Bay Area
  3. Does the Hellcat Airbox have a screen?

    Intake & Exhaust
    For those of you that did the Hellcat airbox mod - does it have any type of screen at the inlet tube to keep out debris and curtail water getting into the airbox? I notice the inlet for the Hellcat box is closer to the filter than the stock inlet from the bottom. If it doesn't come with some...