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  1. Intake & Exhaust
    Hi all, forgive me if this has been addressed but I can’t quite find the answer I’m looking for, I’m about to add the headlight connecting tube to my 21 Scat pack shaker airbox, now I see the Hellcat airbox upgrade done all the time, is adding the tube just called the “Hellcat airbox upgrade”...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Just wanted to share something with the community. I have a 2020 R/T Scat pack and so far have installed two of the most common mods, oil catch can and Hellcat headlight to intake duct. The oil catch can install was as described in endless forum discussions. However, the headlight to intake...
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I sold my Challenger and now have the following goodies available. Most of these items will work on 2015+ cars depending on configuration (they were installed on a 2019 R/T). Everything was used for less than a year and all parts are in excellent condition. Shipping from Charlotte, NC area...
  4. General Challenger Discussion
    Has anyone had their challenger sit and idle for 5 minutes and taken note of what their air intake temp went to? I've had my 2019 SCAT for 4 months and never actually let it sit and idle. Until today. I got to work early so i sat in my car with it running for 5 minutes and noticed my air intake...
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Fits 2015+ Challenger Up for sale is a DODGE CHALLENGER HELLCAT REPLACEMENT/ CONVERSION AIR INTAKE OEM MOPAR Part # 68175164AC 68172459AA 68207918AB The set was on the car for about 1,000 miles; Available for Pickup from SF Bay Area
  6. Intake & Exhaust
    For those of you that did the Hellcat airbox mod - does it have any type of screen at the inlet tube to keep out debris and curtail water getting into the airbox? I notice the inlet for the Hellcat box is closer to the filter than the stock inlet from the bottom. If it doesn't come with some...
1-6 of 6 Results