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  1. Trinity 2 EX issues, now car wont start. help!

    I need help! its Friday night, and DiabloSport tech support is off til Monday. So I've have a custom trans tune and custom engine tune for 2 months, not any problems. I have both backup stock tunes, too. I updated the tuner right before i received an updated tune (for a 180 t-stat) for the...
  2. Steering issues

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello, this is my first time on this forum and the community looks great and super helpful. Anyway, I drive a 2016 Dodge Challenger SXT and I got the car used at 24,000 miles. I never had this problem until I had to go to the post office. My post office has a steep entrance so you have to come...
  3. Just bought 2018 SXT, should I upgrade to R/T??

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am new here, and new to muscle cars in general. I have always been obsessed since I was a little kid but just recently was able to afford one, and have a few questions that I hope I can get answered before my trade-in time is up. I bought a 2018 Challenger SXT, and I have 3...
  4. 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T rear left cv axel exploded

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    So I was driving my 2010 challenger rt yesterday and I was pulling out of a drive through and I didn’t remember or realize to release my parking break because music was so loud, girls in the back seat and just my stupidity. So I dumped the clutch and did a small burn out and heard what sounded...
  5. HP Tuners - Is it the best route for me?

    I have been looking at a few different tuning options and so far DiabloSport and HP Tuners are the ones that majorly stuck out to me. I have a 2015 Challenger R/T 8 Speed Automatic and plan to do extensive modifications to it over time (headers, camshaft, supercharger, and etc.), I am currently...