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  1. 2014 Challenger R/T abuse

    General Challenger Discussion
    What up, Im just a nut runnin like a squirrel, lookin for a nut. Glad to meet ya. So, my dog is wondering how much abuse can the 2014 Challenger R/T take? By abuse, I mean runnin her to 5700 through 3rd daily, 4th frequently and 5th occasionally. Occasionally, like when a Tesla wants to have a...
  2. Manifold Damaged In Shipping

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hi guys, I recently installed a 392 intake manifold onto my 5.7. There were a couple things I noticed during installation but I was so eager to get it on that I ended up pushing forward. I have the MSD Box wiring done and the car seems to be running nicely and idling perfectly. I bought the...