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  1. FOR SALE: Diode Dynamics (Full Kit) Challenger 15+ / Challenger (Black Tips)

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Diode Dynamics (Full Kit) Challenger 15+ ( Paid around $600 for everything asking $300 Brand New never used Message me or text me 619-874-5169 ) 2015-2019 Dodge Challenger Multicolor LED Boards SKU: DD2002 Color: RGBW™ Multicolor and White Bluetooth RGBW Controller SKU: DD3038 Hi/Lo Beam...
  2. 15-18 Hellcat HID Headlights install on Halogen setup

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Hello forum and Good Day 2 All I have 2015 Halogen Lights now on my car, Question is.. How can I make stock Hellcat HEADLAMPS work ? Took car to Dodge dealer thinking I could get BCM Flashed to make HID power up, but the Dealer had no solution for me. Can anyone help with this
  3. Getting fed up with MY HID CONVERSION!! 2016 CHALLENGER SCATPACK (flicker)

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Need your help peepz, Got myself a 2016 Challenger Scat Pack back in September of 2016. Unfortunately, of the timing i did not get the Convenience Package. Freaking bummer really. So which means no stock HID's. Since then i did an upgrade with HID's few months later. Well, that time I ended up...
  4. HID Shutter Problem

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Hi, has anyone had issues with HID shutter working intermittently? I am going to start with the connector and then try swapping hardware. Any other ideas? Mopar part is ~$800, will do whatever I can to avoid a fix that pricey.
  5. Headlight Replacement

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    So my headlights on my '16 Challenger SXT are dull and almost yellow. People cant tell the difference between my Hi and low beams just overall poor visibility. What do I need to do to replace them with LED/HID/Halogen/Projector bulbs? Is one of them default/cheaper/brighter? I dont want to...
  6. 2015 HID conversion with OEM ballast...has anyone done this?

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey guys, I recently bought a used 2015 SXT, and there's a couple things I want to do to it. The first thing I wanted to do was to add HIDs, but for personal reasons I want to keep everything as close to stock as possible(for now). I was thinking about drilling a hole in the side of the assembly...
  7. 2015 LED Headlight Install

    2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    I am having issues getting the LED headlights to function on my 15. I tried them at first without any error corrector kits they sell. The lights worked the first two times, but after that they would turn on, then off, then alternate a few times, then turn off completely. I bought this...
  8. F/S: Parts (Merged From Multiple Threads)

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    1. Product: DC Power 370XP 3.5L V6 Custom Bracket 2. Specs: Idle Amperage - 215A Hot Idle Amperage @ 200ºF - 190A Max Amperage - 370A Hot Max Amperage @ 200ºF - 330A Externally regulated Ford 3G case with one mount cut off for my use. 3. Description/Condition: Bought this from a buddy...
  9. Aftermarket Lighting Problems....

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Okay so I have a somewhat complex problem but I'll try to put it into words as well as possible, and ill start with the details of what I have. CG projectors with a custom HID kit (which uses an H9 bulb) HID ballasts are 35W Can-bus and connected straight to original headlight pigtail...
  10. Help with Headlights

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    My 2013 RT has halogen headlights, I decided I wanted to go for the HID look but not go through with purchasing the full HID system and projectors and whatnot but instead just want a Halogen headlight that has the color of HID 5000k and stock output or better from the light with hi/low beam...
  11. Fried Computer, unknown perpetrator

    General Challenger Discussion
  12. Are Challenger HIDs the same as other cars?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had pics of their HID headlights at night-time. I'm curious as to whether or not they are they same color, and if they sharply cut off at the edges rather than fading out. I ask, because when I test drove a RT Classic in the rain, the headlights looked yellow...