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hood scoops
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  1. 2015 to Current R/T & RT Plus Specific
    The hood scoops on the '15 scat pack are supposed to be functional, however, when I shine a lite in them, I see 50% of it is blanked out, and the one side looks **** a hole. I can see what looks like clear plastic up in the hole. when you feel up in there from under the hood I can feel the clear...
  2. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I used rustoleum spray paint in a can. 1x - White primer 1x - Silver 1x - Exterior clear coat. I used satin as I did not want it to shine much. Note: I could not find clear coat in a spray can or rustoleum clear coat. Before removing, original state: After scoop has been removed...
1-2 of 2 Results