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  1. ORACLE Waterproof vs. Traditional Halo Kits - DEMONS!

    ORACLE Lighting
    We were recently sent some customer install pictures showing off both our 2015-2019 Waterproof Halo Kits & Traditional Halo Kits on some Dodge Demons >:) I think this would be an awesome opportunity to show you guys exactly how the rings look in comparison to each other. So enjoy and feel free...
  2. #1 Source for Exhausts & Headers Corsa Borla ARH SW Meisterschaft & More

    PK Auto Design
    Good morning ladies and gents, We here at PK Auto Design always strive to provide our car communities the best products, service and knowledge available. Not only do we offer the ability to provide the best brands in the market, but also the ability to provide some of the most competitive...
  3. Avant Garde Luxury Form & Function Forged Monoblock & Multipiece wheels | PKAD

    PK Auto Design
    Avant Garde Luxury Form & Function Forged Monoblock & Multipiece wheels | PKAD Good evening cars lovers, Our goal here at PK Auto Design is not only to provide the best services and knowledge, but to also provide quality products that we can proudly associate with. That being said Avant...
  4. Lowering System for Dodge Challenger | Eibach H&R KW BC Racing & More !

    PK Auto Design
    Good afternoon ladies and gents ! We know that putting wheels on your car is only one part of the larger picture, lowering your vehicle helps in multiple aspects. Not only will it make your ride look low and mean, but also assist you in overall handling by lowering your vehicles center of...
  5. What is this wire? I need help please!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Ive been in the process of installing ghost projector puddle lights in my door panels to shoot at the ground. The lights have been installed and i have the wires all under my dash for the time being. My problem is i want them wired so when I unlock my car and open my doors they turn on...
  6. Anyone installed headers themselves?

    Intake & Exhaust
    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm on a tight budget but still want quality mods. I have a 13 R/T and from I have read long tube headers are almost a must for high performance. I also realize that prices for long tube headers stretch into the thousand mark and shops will gouge you in labor...
  7. 2014 Challenger SXT fog light installation?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello, this is my first post on this site, and I am REALLY hoping someone could help me out. So I recently bought a new 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT. I plan on getting Oracle Halo lights installed (both headlights and fog lights) and that is where I run into a problem. The model Challenger I have...
  8. Had to consult you guys first

    How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    So I have purchased a spoiler to go onto my car and it got here via FedEx today. So tomorrow I'm going to have it put on regardless of how. I just thought I would ask you guys how would you put it on. Would you drill the 5 holes in the trunk lid or would you you 3m double sided tape. I need to...
  9. I Need Some Help With My Halos Please!

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hi there! I just recently had my AAC Oracle lights shipped. I bought all 6 rings for my 4 headlights and 2 fogs. After a ton of forum reading i decided to cut open my lights rather than baking them. Anyways long story short the rings I got are the SMD model and for some reason none of them...
  10. Gts smoked headlight covers (installation tips)

    General Challenger Discussion
    Ive been looking at these headlight covers and found em pretty cool now i wanna know how you install those. And can you take em off and put em back on whenever you want? Cause i definitely dont want to have em on forever Just for car shows and stuff