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  1. Track Talk
    So my following mods for my 2016 scat pack shaker 8 speed are an 87mm throttle body, hellcat inlet, R2C air filter, BMR lower trailing arms, Pettys garage front strut tower bar and rear static tower X bar, a differential brace, catch can, 275 Nitto 555 G2 in the front and 555R in the rear also...
  2. 2015 to Current R/T Scat Pack 392
    Hi, I just got a 2015 Challenger RT Scat pack, it has the Launch control. I'm over 500 miles now, so I can use it. From what I understand what I do is the below: 1) activate launch control (I have it adjusted to 2500 RPM) 2) hold the brake pedal 3) floor the gas pedal 4) when ready, release...
  3. Track Talk
    Last night I ran my car(6.1 supercharged/ 6-speed) at the track for the first time. I had 28" tall slicks on the car but was having only 1.8-1.9 60' times. I tried launching everywhere between 3000-4200. Every time the engine bogged coming out of the hole. I want to believe that my car has the...
1-3 of 3 Results