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  1. Vendor Deals
    Just a heads up! We'll be launching our July 4th Sale beginning this Thursday, June 30th. This sale will include all of your favorite LED lighting products! Stay tuned for our discount code coming soon!
  2. Mithril Challenger R/T

    345 cubic inch V8 HEMI 3.917” bore / 3.578” stroke 392 VVT cam 392 active runner intake Best 1/4 mile timeslip: 13.71 sec. at 101.6 MPH, 6010 ft. density altitude - Density altitude corrected: 12.68 sec. at 109.8 MPH Attachment 1: Side/front profile, summer shoes Attachment 2: Side/rear...
  3. General Challenger Discussion
    I just installed diode dynamics rgbw halo led boards on my 2016 challenger. Everything works fine until I got an error on my instrument cluster stating my passenger turn signal was out. After turning on the signal the amber light itself blinks at a normal rate. However, the turn signal on the...
  4. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Specifically the style with the built in halos like the 15 lights. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find feedback or reviews for whether these are worth it/reliable. Can't post links or images but if you google "LED Headlights For Dodge Challenger 2009-2014 Front Lamps DRL Projector...
  5. Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    SEMA 2018 is LIVE right now! Our official ORACLE Lights booth car this year is a 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T with a complete ORACLE LED Upgrade! If you're interested in seeing more pics of it, we have a thread started here...
  6. General Challenger Discussion
    I have a 2014 Challenger SXT The LED lights it came with (like in the door handles, in the cup holder, etc.) are this default greenish/blue color i'm not to fond of. Is there anyway to changes these? Also, on an off note, is there any way to change the light color for the gauges? Like...
1-6 of 13 Results