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  1. SOLD: Legmaker Hammer CAI $165 (Free Shipping)

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    This item has been sold. Legmaker Hammer CAI for 2014 Challenger RT Plus - $165.00 (Free Shipping to lower 48 states) I purchased this CAI from Speedlogix on December 20, 2014 for $324.00. Installed it on January 17, 2015. It's had about 16 total driving hours on it. It wasn't really what I...
  2. Cervini Ram Air, LMI, or Don't bother?

    Intake & Exhaust
    So I'm currently sporting a stock '13 R/T, and when I first heard about this magical cervini kit that turns your fake ram intakes into real intakes, I was immediately interested. Shortly after consulting CT discussions, It seemed as if the kit would actually hinder engine performance. With...
  3. Any chance of a Legmaker CAI for a 3.6l?

    Intake & Exhaust
    I'm looking into getting a CAI in the not too distant future, however, I want to ensure that I wont buy something to hear after the fact that Legmaker (which I would buy if they made a compatible CAI for my 3.6L) is going to release a 3.6L CAI. As such, has been my luck in the past and as it...