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  1. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Alright so we are all familiar with the mds system. It puts your v8 into a v4 mode when not pressing on gas to save you gas. So my car has been making this rottle noise when mds kicks in. It sounds like when you go back the chain of a bicycle. So i’ve researched it and I believe it might be a...
  2. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Recently there is a ticking noise from right side of my 2011 Challenger Pentastar 3.6L. I think need to change rocker arm but I'm not sure should I replace lifter as well or not?
  3. Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Have a 2010 SE with about 96k miles on it, about a week ago it started ticking when I was accelerating, then it started doing it while idle (just at a lower volume), did some research and a lot of symptoms pointed towards spark plugs, and it was about time to replace them anyway, so I went ahead...
1-3 of 3 Results