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  1. Airbag Light Help how to disable?

    How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    On my 2011 challenger R/T. I do not use it for a street car. It was wrecked and I bought it to fix up basically for the track. I have remove the airbags and fixed the car everything is good but I was wondering if there was a way to disable the airbag light or bypass it somehow? I will never put...
  2. Ambient light (door handle)

    Interior Discussion / Modifications
    Hello All, I just recently purchased a used 2010 FF Challenger R/T and the ambient lights in the door handle are not on (working?). The previous owner may have modified this or perhaps a bulb(s) is out.... I still have a factory warranty but to save face at the dealership, I thought I would...
  3. Change dash gauge/cluster color lights (not face itself)

    Interior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey ive got a 2013 challenger sxt, I was thinking about changing the color of the gauge lights to red (not changing the face itself like a lot of other people are doing). I have heard that theres just a light sheet basically that isint just a bulb change which sounds weird to me but then I found...