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  1. SOLD: Challenger 15-18 HID Headlights

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    OEM 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Headlights. Perfect working condition , no cracks, no scratches, no blemishes. $800 obo Check out pics
  2. Any 08-14 owners tried out aftermarket headlights?

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Specifically the style with the built in halos like the 15 lights. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find feedback or reviews for whether these are worth it/reliable. Can't post links or images but if you google "LED Headlights For Dodge Challenger 2009-2014 Front Lamps DRL Projector...
  3. Our SEMA 2018 Booth Car - 2012 Challenger R/T

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    SEMA 2018 is LIVE right now! Our official ORACLE Lights booth car this year is a 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T with a complete ORACLE LED Upgrade! If you're interested in seeing more pics of it, we have a thread started here...
  4. ORACLE 2015-18 Waterproof Halo Kit + Install Guide

    ORACLE Lighting 2015-2018 ORACLE Waterproof Halo Kit CHALLENGERTALK, If you're interested in this kit, be sure to use the members only discount code Get 10% off by using coupon code "forum10" at checkout or CLICK HERE You can also give us a call at 1(800)407-5776 and mention the...
  5. 2008-2014 ORACLE Waterproof Halo Kit + Fog Light Kit

    ORACLE Lighting 2008-2014 ORACLE SURFACE MOUNT WATERPROOF HALO KIT :nerd: CHALLENGERTALK, If you're interested in this waterproof kit, be sure to use the MEMBERS ONLY discount code Get 10% off by using coupon code "forum10" at checkout or CLICK HERE You can also give us a call...
  6. Hello from Patrick & Oracle Lighting

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, My name is Patrick and I work for Oracle Lighting (seriously, go check out my picture on our site). I just wanted to introduce myself as we (ORACLE) are now sponsoring this very forum, We will be posting a lot of content on our Vendor Section including new...
  7. 2018 SRT Fog Light Bulb Clip

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    This may be a "way out there" question, but I thought I'd give it a try. I have a 2018 SRT Challenger that I recently replaced the fog light bulbs with LED bulbs. That in itself (remove 3 disposable plastic rivets in the front of the wheel liner) was a question pertains to the little...
  8. No turn lights or windshield.

    Forum Threads
    Hello, i just recently got my challenger back from a shop and now my turn signal indicator is not working. I can't use windshield wipers, turn signals, high beams or washer (Warning Hazards work fine as do break lights and regular lights). Not only that but my traction control light is on along...
  9. HID kit nightmare

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hi everyone, I own a 2015 Challenger RT+. I purchased a Morimoto MOPAR 50-watt HID kit from TRS (The Retrofit Source) back in early 2016, and I can safely say that it's been a nightmare ever since. (Has any Challenger owner here had a pleasant experience from an aftermarket HID kit, ever?) I'm...
  10. 2015 HID conversion with OEM ballast...has anyone done this?

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey guys, I recently bought a used 2015 SXT, and there's a couple things I want to do to it. The first thing I wanted to do was to add HIDs, but for personal reasons I want to keep everything as close to stock as possible(for now). I was thinking about drilling a hole in the side of the assembly...
  11. 2016 Drive-in ACC mode turns off

    Interior Discussion / Modifications
    So we went to one of the few remaining drive-ins, in our area, last night with my new Challenger and it kept turning-off in ACC mode every 15-20 minutes. I wanted to go into the settings mode but it said the car needed to be on. I now realize that could be the ON mode. What is the best way to...
  12. 2015 headlights for 2011-2014?

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Hey guys, 2011 SRT8 owner here. Love her to death. I snagged a deer last week and she is in the shop getting repaired, and the guy who owns the shop was kind enough to offer me a deal if I chose to go through him for the repairs - Any additional work that I'd like done, as long as I provide the...
  13. Trunk Closure - Not Even!

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Has anyone else noticed the trunk does not close evenly, or the taillights don't line up correctly? I read a post about adjusting the two bumpstops on the bottom portion of the trunk. I tried that and noticed the trunk was still uneven and never even was touching the bumpstops. Let me know...
  14. External lighting

    2015 to Current R/T Scat Pack 392
    I have a 2015 RT Scat pack, I just purchase these LED lites which will make it glow behind the grill. For the wiring, I do not want to run this to a switch in the cab...too much effort. I'd prefer to only have them powered when the car is on, or if I have to, only when the headlites are on...
  15. What is this wire? I need help please!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Ive been in the process of installing ghost projector puddle lights in my door panels to shoot at the ground. The lights have been installed and i have the wires all under my dash for the time being. My problem is i want them wired so when I unlock my car and open my doors they turn on...
  16. 2014 Challenger SXT fog light installation?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello, this is my first post on this site, and I am REALLY hoping someone could help me out. So I recently bought a new 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT. I plan on getting Oracle Halo lights installed (both headlights and fog lights) and that is where I run into a problem. The model Challenger I have...
  17. Head/Fog Light Bulb Question

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I want to swap the factory head light and fog light bulbs on my 2011 Challenger. I want a pure white BRIGHT light out of them. What brand have people on here used? I will do HID eventually, but want to just do bulbs right now. Also curious about switching the bulbs in the blinker/marker lights...
  18. FOR SALE: Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler & Red Halo Kit

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I am selling my APR Performance carbon fiber front spoiler and Oracle Red Halo kit. The spoiler will fit any 2008+ Challenger SRT8, or R/T if you put the SRT8 Spoiler on. Also have factory 2013 R/T coil springs $50 Carbon Fiber Spoiler: $350 +$50 shipping Halo Kit: $150 + $15 shipping SOLD
  19. front bumper/grill/lights 2013 R/T Challenger HELP!!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Fellow Challenger Enthusiasts, I need some advice and your help to find parts for my recently damages 2013 R/T! 1. Where is a good place to find parts online or in the Los Angeles/San Bernardino/ Orange county area, specifically the front bumper, lights, grill or whatever is needed to fix a...
  20. 12V on while unlocked?? Help?

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Whats up guys, I wanted to know if it is possible to tap into a 12V that is only on while the car is unlocked. I plan on attaching a relay or something with low draw anyway so it shouldn't be a problem. If no are there any aftermarket devices that will allow something like this? Thanks for the...