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  1. Intake & Exhaust
    Hello I currently am in the market to put long tubes on my 2012 srt8 yellow jacket challenger. The local shop to me told me they sell Texas Speed long tubes. Has anyone put texas speed long tubes on their challengers? Seems like they are popular on other platforms but not so much on dodge. The...
  2. Intake & Exhaust
    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking at options for some long tube headers to put onto my 2011 SRT8. Currently my two selections I am between are Kooks and Stainless Works. I am trying to find sound comparisons and determine which would be right for me, and wanted to see what everyone's thoughts...
  3. Intake & Exhaust
    Im curious, is there really a difference in sound or HP depending on the manufacture of headers as long as the material is the same? Using a set of Hooker, SSW or Kooks, all 309 stainless long tube headers and hook them up to the stock exhaust of my 18 Challenger 392 Hemi would they sound or...
  4. Intake & Exhaust
    is anyone here running long tube headers , catless midpipe , muffler delete with after market resonators ? trying to find a sound clip to figure out how loud it might be .
  5. Intake & Exhaust
    I have a 2019 rt and I’m in Texas. I was looking at long tube headers and high flow cats, but I’ve seen things about these causing them to fail emissions testing. I don’t know what the official process is here but every time I’ve gone for inspection it seems like they just pull numbers from the...
  6. 2019 Challenger R/T 5.7 Predator

    Car has a Twin Ram Air Intake I built into the inside headlights. Khaos motorsports throttle body spacer. Long tube headers.
  7. Tuning/Data
    I have a challenger RT 2018 and I also have the trinity t2 tuner. I recently got long tube headers and I am looking for a custom tune to account for the new headers I got. I also have a CAI and mid muffler delete. If there is anyone out there that can provide an email tune for my new mods please...
  8. Intake & Exhaust
    I recently sold my old challenger and bought a modified 2015 R/T Shaker with 6-speed manual. The previous owner made a bunch of "cool stuff" to it, and according to him, this vehicle has 500+ crank horses. That includes a set of long tube headers and complete straight pipe (no cats). Now, even...
  9. Intake & Exhaust
    I currently have the factory single exhaust with the muffler and resonater replaced with straight pipes . I love the sound of it but I want it louder and I thought long tube headers would be perfect. I’d like thoughts and suggestions, please and thank you .
  10. Performance Modifications
    Hello, This is my first post on the forum and I just want to thank everyone for how helpful this community is I've learned a lot. My main question is based around my 2015 Dodge Challenger 392 that has a Procharger Supercharger already installed onto it. I am looking to install Kooks long tube...
  11. Just Bolt-On Performance Parts
    Good Afternoon everyone! Stainless Power has just drastically reduced their pricing on Stainless Power Headers (24-month warranty) - Links Below. Stainless Power 2008-2020 Challenger / Charger / 300 / Magnum / Hellcat / SRT HEMI 5.7L 6.1L 6.2L 6.4L Headers 1-7/8" Primaries 3" High-Flow Cats...
  12. Just Bolt-On Performance Parts
    Enjoy 20% off Stainless Power 1-7/8 Long Tube Headers for Mopar Applications which include 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L, 6.4L, use the following coupon code during checkout: SPHEADERS20 Stainless Power 2008-2019 Challenger / Charger / 300 / Magnum / Hellcat / SRT HEMI 5.7L 6.1L 6.2L 6.4L Headers 1-7/8"...
  13. General Challenger Discussion
    I am looking to update my 2015 SRT Challenger with a new cam, long tube headers, PCM, CAI and tune. Can anyone recommend a company in the metro Detroit area for the install and tune? Thank you for your help I appreciate it.
1-14 of 14 Results