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  1. WANTED: Magnaflow Exhuast for 13 R/T Six Speed

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    im looking for an exhuast system for my challenger. preferably magnaflow, i need a loud and agressive sound! >:)
  2. Hey all!

    New Member Introductions
    Just joined the forums, I have a 2012 R/T with a supercharger & about 470 Hp to the rear wheels. I get about a 4.65 sec 0-60. I' m curious as to what kind of numbers other people with induction are getting. Also, I live in Houston Tx, PM me if your local and interested in chilling [/url]...
  3. SRT8 owner new to the forums

    New Member Introductions
    Picked up my beautiful car last year in August from California with only 4500km, got her shipped to buffalo, than ordered a flat bed to get her over the border and imported the vehicle myself into Ontario :canada:. Absolutely love the SRT8, she so much power but i still cant stop modding and...
  4. Magnaflow Competition Exhaust (15135) Review

    6.4L / 392ci (2011 - ?)
    I've been considering different exhausts since I first picked up my Challenger. Mine is an SRT8 392 A5. My biggest fear was probably all of the talk of the dreaded drone. I like a loud exhaust, but by reading some reviews I feared that my ears would be bleeding. I read reviews and listened to...
  5. Rear, Showing Magnaflow Quad tips

    Rear, Showing Magnaflow Quad tips