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  1. Thinking about buying a 2019 Challenger R/T

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hi all, Firstly want to say that I am very happy to see how big this forum is and how many people write in it constantly. It brings me joy to know theres a good community in place for the Challenger. I’ve been looking for the past few months at the Challengers and have found an interesting...
  2. Preventive maintenance checklist

    General Maintenance Discussion
    Hi all, so I finally got a Challenger after wanting one for the past few years. Its the V6 3.6L, 2018 (think it's an SXT) and it's a thing of beauty. The first order of business was I had a body shop Fluid Film the undercarriage and all its books and crannies. Since primarily this car will be a...
  3. Magnacharger rebuild guide

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys I bought my 13 rt with the magnacharger already installed and have been finding more and more wrong with how it’s been set up since day one. I’ve found everything from the intercooler hoses completely pinched off, to bolts that have been snapped off and left. I’ve got a pretty good...
  4. Oil For Your R/T

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Everyone has their own preference of what type of oil to put into your new car, what's yours? State Your: 1)Type of Oil/Filter 2) How often you change your oil 3) What's your reasoning behind it? 4) Do you guys rotate your tires each time you change your oil? Would love to hear the different...
  5. Dealership Services in San Diego

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to get your opinions on the service departments at the dealerships around town (San Diego) for getting standard maintenance performed. I like the idea of going to a dealership for my service to build up rapport in the event I need to get more serious work done, but I...
  6. A Look Into the Future...from an owner with 165,000 miles on my 2009 R/T auto

    General Challenger Discussion
    Since I have so many miles, I thought I should share. I had the timing chain recall done at about 162,000 miles. Within 2,000 miles, had a CEL come on. One of the MDS solenoids went out, caused a leak, had to be replaced. Within 500 miles of having it replaced, had another CEL come on, but this...