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  1. Navigation Maps

    General Challenger Discussion
    I have 2016 Challenger HC, UCONNECT_8.4AN_RA4_17.43.01_MY16_NAFTA how/where/what do I need to do to have the Navigation Maps updated? I know, use my phone, etc...but, I like the Navigation on the great for me, only thing is Dallas has so so many new roads...I want it updated. Is...
  2. Are they $%&* serious?

    2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    - See attached image - :smiley35::smiley35::smiley35: The biggest crutch on my car is that Uconnect system. I dont see how they can even try and charge for a map update in a day and age when google maps and waze are so much better, faster and more accurate. Granted, I get offended that they...
  3. 430N RHB maps could be used in middle east??

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Hi, I have 130 RES w/u connect and Bluetooth on my 2013 challenger, I want to upgrade to 430N with navigation, but I can only find RHB head units which have only the united states maps, I've learned that in order to use the navigation in the middle east you need to use another head unit which...