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  1. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Do you have a similar situation? When you switch your engine from the v8 to the v4 (MDS)you will feel a metal vibrating sound(like drone sounds, something is hitting metals )(the exhaust sounds to be low-pitched and louder). When the v4 was switched back to the v8, the car was smooth again. And...
  2. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Alright so we are all familiar with the mds system. It puts your v8 into a v4 mode when not pressing on gas to save you gas. So my car has been making this rottle noise when mds kicks in. It sounds like when you go back the chain of a bicycle. So i’ve researched it and I believe it might be a...
  3. 2015 to Current R/T Scat Pack 392
    Hey guys, Im new here and just made the jump from a 2017 R/T 5.7 to a 2018 R/T scatpak 392, both of which have MDS. What I noticed and am concerned about is that the 5.7 was much more MDS friendly, in the sense that it would engage as soon as it could and stay on for as long as possible. The 392...
1-3 of 3 Results