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methane injection

  1. Debating multiple power adders for a S/C 6.1L

    I have a 2009 STR8. The motor (and everything else) has been completely redone with a top end build by Petty’s Garage. She dyno tested 668RWHP and roughly 800HP at the crank. Respectable numbers; or so I thought until I took my car out to a half mile top speed shoot-out. I was red lining 4th...
  2. 5.7 R/T TT build

    I'm looking for a little advice here. I am dropping my 2013 R/T Automatic off this Friday for a pretty substantial build. I have three options and I'm wondering what the best bang for the buck will be. I have an estimate for a twin turbo set up with a new fuel system, boost controller and...