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  1. Scat Pack Wont Start After Plug Change?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, but I have a pressing issue I would appreciate any help I can get... I changed my spark plugs in my 2016 Scat Pack 6 speed and now it refuses to start? I had e3 plugs in it and the thing ran crazy great, but it was time to change them out, which was no big...
  2. HELP 6.1L Cylinder 1 Misfire Aid!

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi guys new to the forum, created my account specifically for help: I have a first edition (2008) Challenger Srt8 that just hit 50k miles. About 3 weeks ago it started misfiring in cylinder 1. It also began having issues starting: some days it would start perfect, other days it sounded like it...
  3. 74 Challenger Misfiring

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello. :smile: I have a 74 Challenger - 318 C.I. - HEI Distributor - Edelbrock Intake - Edelbrock Performer 1801 Carburetor - Purple Cam - Dual Exhaust. I am having an issue with misfiring through the carburetor once accelerating above idle (750 RPM). The troubleshooting I have done so far...
  4. Multi Cylinder Misfire and Bent Spark Plugs!?!?

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    I just bought this cherry 2009 SRT8 and a couple days after bringing it home I get a check engine light, rough idle, etc. Pull the code and its a Multi Cylinder misfire. Dealership won't touch the car because it's "modified" but sold me a 100,000 warrantee..?. . . After letting them scratch...