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  1. General Maintenance Discussion
    Hello guys, I'm a new owner of Challenger 2013. I have very limited knowledge about cars, but I would like to give my car some TLC. I order my parts and other accessories from RockAuto because the Dodge Service Center here in the country I'm residing at has the prices doubled than RockAuto...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Looking to see if I can put the 3.9 Scat Pack diff or Hellcat 3.7 diff into my car. What modifications I might need, and everything below the sun. Any basic information would help though! And if you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear them
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Like the title says looking for a Mopar hitch for a 2009 challenger
  4. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello, so I bought the 2019 challenger from an auction and the front end had been hit. I had a body shop paint the front end and put the parts together, but as you can see the front bumper needs to be a little lifted to match with the hood. He said there might’ve been a part missing but I’m not...
  5. General Challenger Discussion
    Hey guys, I am a highschooler studying entrepreneurship and am in process of creating a mobile app for car enthusiasts called 'Gearhead'. The app would revolve around a free lance car mechanic service where you can offer free lance car work or hire a free lance car mechanic. There would also be...
  6. General Challenger Discussion
    Hi guys, Wanted to get your thoughts on some Mopar extended warranty quotes that I received. I have a 2015 Dodge Challenger - SXT and my extended warranty was up in September. Now I’m looking back into protection for the car. I called Mopar & got some rates. Now I wanted to get your thoughts...
  7. Intake & Exhaust
    Hello, today I installed the Mopar headlamp duct tube (77072385) on my Mopar cold air intake kit (77070044AD), on my 2019 5.7 R/T (spoiler alert: I cut it). I became aware of variations of air boxes, variations of duct tubes, and with them, variations of fitment issues, thanks to these forums...
  8. General Maintenance Discussion
    Hey I’m looking to see if anyone you stay within Atlanta, Ga know how to install fender flares on a Dodge Challenger. I have all the flares and they are all painted. If you know how to install without cutting into my car please drop a price, name and number or email and we can go from there. I...
  9. General Challenger Discussion
    Hey everyone I’m new to the forms and just wanted to ask a quick question. So I have a 2019 SXT and I purchased the fender flares for my challenger. I have not installed them yet because I am looking to see if I can swap my front lip from the original SXT lip to maybe a SRT lip. Is this mod...
  10. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I removed this system from my 2013 R/T M6 before I sold it. The exhaust is in excellent condition. The car had a great sound and there was no drone! When I bought the system from my dodge dealer I gave around $1,600 for it. I will let it go for $1,000. Located in North Georgia...
  11. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    hello, I am looking for these center caps. I have a limited mopar racing edition 2010 dodge challenger srt8. Does anyone know where I could get these? TIA
  12. MOPAR Stage 1 brake kit

    Front Rear
1-18 of 65 Results