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  1. Stop by and Say Hi....

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Texas Swap Meets We will be at the DFW Swap Meet in Grand Prairie, Texas this weekend. You can also come by and see us next weekend in Conroe, Texas at the Conroe Swap Meet. We hope to see you there!
  2. Which Muffler is Right for You?

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Flowmaster manufactures a wide variety of Street Mufflers for a wide range of applications and sound choices. We make mufflers designed for trucks and cars with big block engines all the way to small 4 cylinder engines and everything in between. And depending on your choice of sound, we have...
  3. Sound Testing: Flowmasters 8 Hottest Mufflers

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    We test 8 of Flowmasters most popular mufflers for street cars to muscle cars to full blown race cars! From mild to aggressive, find out which muffler is right for your car and get that classic Flowmaster sound.
  4. Video: Flowmasters Laminar Flow Technology

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Flowmasters Laminar Flow Technology 1.Entry Cone Hot exhaust gases entering the tapered inlet section are actually accelerated as they pass through the perforated cone into the outer core area. The perforation pattern and entry angle are specifically engineered into each product to provide...
  5. Flowmaster's Scavenger Series Outlaw II Race Mufflers

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Flowmaster's Scavenger Series Outlaw II Collector mufflers are designed to attach directly to the exhaust header primary tubes of race headers. These race mufflers are compact and are ideal for applications where minimal sound reduction is required, but a muffler rule is in effect. These...
  6. New for October! Flowmaster 3.00" Offset In / 3.00" Center Out 409S Super 10 Muffler

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    New for October! Flowmaster 3.00" Offset In / 3.00" Center Out 409S Super 10 Muffler
  7. Car Shows in your Area!

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Not only does Flowmaster produce products that will help you to increase the performance of your vehicle, we also support events that enhance the communities in which we live. Car shows are held nearly every weekend throughout the country. In many cases, the proceeds from these events are...
  8. Will You Ever Be "Finished" With Your Build?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Maybe it's just me but I have yet to own a vehicle that I didn't want to change something about. Aside from driving, personalizing and improving the performance of your car can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of ownership. We all know that one mod leads to another but when does it stop...
  9. Video: Flowmaster: "Born on the Track"

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Watch the Video: For over 30 years, Flowmaster mufflers have been helping cars to go faster and sound better. Check out this great video that explains how it all got started.
  10. What was the first modification that you made to your Challenger?

    General Challenger Discussion
    What was the first modification that you made to your Challenger? Did you plan on modding your car or did one thing lead to another?
  11. Who is running Flowmasters on their Challenger?

    Intake & Exhaust
    Who is running Flowmaster mufflers on their Challenger? Is your Challenger Flowmaster equipped? Which Flowmaster products are you running on your car? Let's see some pics and videos!
  12. Video: Flowmaster Mufflers Facility Tour

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Join us for a tour of Flowmaster's manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California!
  13. Flowmaster's Scavenger Series Outlaw II Collector Muffler

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Coming in HOT for July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. How It's Made: Flowmaster Mufflers Shop Tour

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    The staff of Hot Rod Magazine made a trip up to Northern California last week to check out the NASCAR race at Sonoma Raceway. While they were here, we took them on a tour of our Sacramento production facility. The article that followed, "How It's Made: Flowmaster Mufflers Shop Tour" is full of...
  15. Flowmaster Muffler Comparison Video

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Chief Marketing Officer Nate Shelton explains the different mufflers offered from Flowmaster, and the technology behind them!
  16. De-Classified: The United States Air Force and Flowmaster Technology

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    Did you know that the Apache attack helicopter, the stealth fighter and several other military applications have used Flowmaster technology for many years to control sound emissions? As automotive technology continues to advance, our commitment to developing the newest and best exhaust products...
  17. Flowmaster Discount Code! Thank you Challengertalk Forum Members!!!!!!

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    Flowmaster Exhaust Products is proud to offer Challengertalk forum members 5% off of our huge line of exhaust performance products and accessories. Visit and enter discount code: fm14 at checkout to receive 5% off of your order!