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  1. Muffler Shop near Hollywood

    I have an R/T and I want to get Flowmaster 40's and two 12 inch glass packs in place of the resonators. Any muffler shops you guys can recommend near Hollywood? Can I just take it to any reputable muffler shop? Also what the price for work like that? Thanks in advance!
  2. Exhaust/ Muffler Tips

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Hey guys, So I did get a lot of help when i was CAI shopping and everybody helped me out. Now I know there is a definitive thread for exhausts and mufflers. But a lot of chatter going on there and it's making my head spin. I was hoping somebody could shed light on some exhuast options or muffler...
  3. Muffler Delete vs Res Delete

    Performance Modifications
    Has anyone deleted just the muffler to improve (get less drone) than the standard resonator delete? Has anyone deleted both? What can I expect from either or both mods? Thank you <3 :SM030:
  4. urgent help for my exhaust

    Performance Modifications
    Hi everyone, so i have a 2012 challenger sxt, and I'm a huge fan of muscle cars, i'm in love. sorry for the passionate intro :D, i want to put more aggressive exhaust system and as you all know, they're not that aggressive, so i had a thought of installing a flowmaster super 44's (researched on...