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  1. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello everyone, I purchased my Challenger about 2 months ago and have put about 2500 miles on it since buying, bringing the odo to just over 42k. As I'm just getting back to the muscle car scene after years of FWD cars I only recently started trying to launch the car. So about the rattle...
  2. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey guys! I have been on different forums for the last two hours reading on CAI and Carbon Hoods (the first things I think I want to do to my 15' SRT)... I am looking at the HC hood listed at Octane Motorsports for $759. + shipping... Any reason not to go with this dealer? I am also looking to...
  3. 2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    2015 rt buyer -Scat pack- questions Hello, Thanks for reading this. I am looking to buy a new 2015 Granite Gray RT, sunroof, alpine speakers, cloth, automatic, but really want to upgrade and go for the Scat Pack. Dodge prices this Scat Pack at $42,000 roughly. Will likely put $15,000 down...
1-3 of 9 Results