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    Hello I've recently purchased a 2012 sxt challenger with 119k miles. On the drive home I spun out and a branch punctured my radiator hose under the car. I didn't realize the damage until a week later after having my mufflers deleted. My car overheated on the same day as the muffler delete. Took...
  2. 2011 5.7 HEMI overheats when idle

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    I've had this problem for some time now (I would say about 2 years), it only happens in summer. The temperatures where I live range between 105 and 118 degrees in summer. The car overheats when is idle with the A/C on after 20 or 25 min approximately. So far I already changed (all new)...
  3. Severe Overheating Problem

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    My engine always ran around 240 since I bought my 2012 SRT8 Challenger last year. I wasn't concerned, thinking it was because I leaned on the engine, "driving like Steve McQueen" as my father would say. But about a week ago, it bolted up to 270 and I had to pull over and kill the engine. So I...