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  1. General Challenger Discussion
    About to pull the trigger to build/order an R/T. This will be my first new car so I’m a complete newbie in terms of car buying. In this day and age, how do you decide on which dealer to do business with if there are several within your area and you have worked with none before? Given most are...
  2. General Challenger Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a new Dodge Challenger owner, as well as new to this website, and I had a few questions over modifications. I currently own a 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT +, with roughly 45.5K miles. Other than a few factory upgrades, nothing has been modified on the vehicle. After doing some...
  3. General Challenger Discussion
    I found a 2013 challenger SXT for $18,000 and only 30k miles. I personally believe that's a pretty good deal. The only issue is that im a college student with a part time job earning around $1000 a month, sometimes a bit more. I also live with my parents and fortunately they don't charge me for...
1-3 of 3 Results