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  1. Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Just got a call from the wife and went to get her Challenger RT with the check engine light on My buddy's a great tech and pulled these codes for me P0016 ckp/cmp misaligned b-1 s-1 P0008 CMP 2 POSITION SLOW POO14 pending code car was taken in about a year ago to the...
  2. Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    I'm getting a slight brief whine when I perform a hard acceleration, hasn't really gotten worse.. yet. I'm aware of the recall situation, but maybe this is just normal behavior?
  3. Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    While looking around the internet for any update to the alternator issue, I ran across an article that says: "The company will replace the alternators with upgraded versions for free." Hopefully this is an accurate story and the fix is a upgraded alternator. You can read the entire story by...
  4. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Chrysler to do airbag recall ASAP: Chrysler must begin exploding airbag recalls by Monday: Regulator - Nov. 26, 2014
  5. Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Hi all, I found this link to the NHTSA that gives more details on the alternator issues and the recall. Here's the link:
1-5 of 6 Results