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  1. 2016 RT Shaker Exhaust Options

    Intake & Exhaust
    '16 RT Shaker: After hearing my friends '12 Charger RT w/ an SLP exhaust that they currently don't make for '15+ :frown: , deciding on cheaper options to make this Hemi roar. This stock exhaust is TOO quiet unless you're getting down on it. Looking to soon get a Mid Muffler Delete, Reso...
  2. WANTED: Magnaflow Exhuast for 13 R/T Six Speed

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    im looking for an exhuast system for my challenger. preferably magnaflow, i need a loud and agressive sound! >:)
  3. 5.7 with Scat Pack resonators?

    Performance Modifications
    What's going on guys, I have a 2015 R/T plus A8 and was wondering if could put factory reso's from a Scat Pack on my car or are there any other reso's that you guys would recommend. I have already done the muffler delete and I am happy with the sound but I want to add quad oval tips to the car...
  4. Shops that do Branched Resonators in LA?

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys I'm looking for a place in Central LA that does Branched Resonators - any suggestions would be great thanks . :banana:
  5. What "brand" of straight pipe is recommended for a res delete?

    Performance Modifications
    Hello All, I cannot afford a full cat back system at this I am thinking about just getting a res delete. My friend had this done on his 2010 Challenger R/T Automatic (mine is the same make and model) and it sounds very nice and super healthy, however, at certain rpm's (mainly on...