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  1. New owner, first impressions

    General Challenger Discussion
    So after much deliberation and the help of so many members on here, I took home a 2020 rt scat pack wide body about 3 weeks ago. Here are my first impressions. 1. The sound. It’s music to my ears. Unapologetically American and intoxicating. Something about it just gets my blood racing. I love...
  2. SpeedLogix - Two Thumbs Down

    Product/Vendor & Buyer/Seller Review
    In my years of being a challenger owner, I've heard many good things about SpeedLogix. But after my first purchase, I'm highly convinced I should've taken my money elsewhere. I recently purchased a few parts, to be modest. Well forget modesty, let's go with honesty.. SL got over $3,300 of...
  3. Bad experience with Arrington Performance

    Product/Vendor & Buyer/Seller Review
    I did a trial run with this company last month to see if this is the company I want to use for building a 426 hemi with heads and cam. I figured before I bother spending over 10k with this company, I should see if they're good business. I started small and only ordered a throttle body. I got a...
  4. VENDOR REVIEW (Bad): Belle Tire (Moved)

    Product/Vendor & Buyer/Seller Review
    It all started with a big bang, then the earth began to cool. Oh, a little too far back. I went to the local Belle Tire store to get a set of Cragar S/S wheels. This was back in late April. They were out of stock. No biggie I'll wait. A week or so later, I got a call from the salesmen. He...