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  1. Roof seam leak '16 ScatPack

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello all, I have 2016 ScatPack Shaker that apparently has been leaking from the passenger roof seam for many months and I just recently realized it. I noticed there was a mildew smell a long time ago but just thought I needed to replace the AC filter. I asked to do so at last oil change the guy...
  2. Hood Roof and Trunk Wrap

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I think this forum and all it's contributors are great. Thank you for all the ideas and mods you have shared and all of the great PICS! I had a friend of mine who does business signs help me with this project. I pooled the ideas and inspiration for this from all of the great pics you guys have...
  3. 71 Challenger - need some pictures

    Classic Dodge Challenger Specific
    I've removed the vinyl top from my 71 Challenger. I'm in the process of blocking the roof and I'm a bit puzzled with the roof, how it meets the drip rail and how it makes the transition at the end of the drip rail trim to the quarter panel (at the passenger window) see picture. If anyone has a...