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  1. Interior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey, Darkfox here. I own a 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T. I absolutely love the car, save for a few issues, namely how cheap and easily scratched the interior plastics are. I've never owned a car before that I felt it necessary to wrap myself and any passengers (especially passengers!) in bubble...
  2. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Picked up a rock chip in the front bumper. Any suggestions besides touch up paint? Or is that sufficient?
  3. Challenger Issues & Problems
    We all love our cars, but we'd be lying to say we were completely satisfied with them. After all, it's next to impossible to feel COMPLETELY satisfied with anything. For me, I would say the paper-thin sheet metal and the easily-scratched interior...This is a badass ride, it should be tougher...
  4. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I knew it was bound to Happen sooner or later but it really pisses me off since I make every effort to park as far away from civilization as possible. It's not deep. I put touch up paint on it for now. How much do get it properly fixed? Anyone got any guestimates?
  5. General Challenger Discussion
    Jeez, it's so easy to scratch the interior of the Challenger. Had a girl in the car and she grabbed her bag off the floor and it barely grazed the glove box on her way out and now I probably have a three or four inch light scratch on the glove box. Anything I can do to lessen the appearance of...
1-5 of 5 Results