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  1. Is this Normal? Door seal scratching door jam?

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hey everyone! I’ve noticed on the drivers side door that the door seal has rubbed against the door jam so hard it rubbed the clear coat off and left this fine scratches in the red circle? I’m hoping this is normal since I would imagine the door needs to get a tight seal, but I didn’t find...
  2. Benefit car wash

    General Challenger Discussion
    My little cousins baseball team is having a car wash to help them get a spot to play in the state tournament or what ever. I want to know what you guys think about taking my car there? He told me to "please please take your Challenger there so I can show my friends your cool car." But I know...
  3. Noticed my first exterior scratch

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I knew it was bound to Happen sooner or later but it really pisses me off since I make every effort to park as far away from civilization as possible. It's not deep. I put touch up paint on it for now. How much do get it properly fixed? Anyone got any guestimates?
  4. Interior so easily scratched

    General Challenger Discussion
    Jeez, it's so easy to scratch the interior of the Challenger. Had a girl in the car and she grabbed her bag off the floor and it barely grazed the glove box on her way out and now I probably have a three or four inch light scratch on the glove box. Anything I can do to lessen the appearance of...