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  1. California
    I have an R/T and I want to get Flowmaster 40's and two 12 inch glass packs in place of the resonators. Any muffler shops you guys can recommend near Hollywood? Can I just take it to any reputable muffler shop? Also what the price for work like that? Thanks in advance!
  2. General Challenger Discussion
    Before I do anything I have to research all of my choices to exhaustion. When I decided I wanted to add a supercharger, I was blown away at all of my options. After reading post after post on multiple forums and countless articles. I came to the conclusion that Kenne Bell was the best choice for...
  3. Mid-Atlantic
    Hello all, my name is Vern and I'm an R/T and forum noob. I'm conducting my own research on reliable shops in MD or NoVA where I can get mods for my '10 R/T. Specifically, I'm interested in the "show AND the go"...I'm talking all the easy bolt-on stuff (CAI, Resonator delete, cat back etc)...
1-3 of 4 Results